The Chairman announced that it had been decided to form an Anglo-Portuguese Society.   He read a number of congratulatory telegrams, including one from Dr. Salazar, the Portuguese Prime Minister, expressing his pleasure at the initiative taken for the purpose of leading the Portuguese and English peoples to a more complete understanding.

The Chairman added that he had sent a telegram to the President of the Portuguese Republic conveying greetings and good wishes from 300 friends of Portugal gathered at the dinner.   The message added:  “As a result of the dinner an Anglo-Portuguese Society, of which the Ambassador has kindly consented to be president, will be formed and we are confidence that the society will add strength to the indissoluble bonds of friendship so long existing between the two countries.”

A telegram sent to Dr. Salazar , the Prime Minister of Portugal, conveyed “deep admiration of your splendid work in Portugal.”

It was further announced by Sir Francis Lindley that a gentleman connected with Portugal, who wished to remain anonymous, had offered to give a capital sum which would provide a yearly prize to the best student in English at the University of Lisbon.